Frequently Asked Questions

Robbins Cleaning Services is the choice in Residential & Commercial Cleaning. With Robbins Cleaning Services you know your Home/Office will be cleaned to the highest possible standards each and every visit.

We have a 48 hour 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied give us a call within 48 hours of the cleaning and we will return within 24 hours and clean any unsatisfactory areas. If we cannot meet your needs, we will issue you a refund in most cases.

Each job is unique and different, therefore, a set price can’t be given. As a courtesy we provide a free quote once we have the information needed to give an accurate price. For a free quote please click here.

We service the following Colorado Cities: Cascade, Calhan, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Falcon, Fountain, Elizabeth, Larkspur, Manitou Springs, Parker, Peyton, and Woodland Park. We are also expanding so if you area is not listed please [include link] contact us and we will see if your area can be added.

Yes. Not only are we insured but Robbins Cleaning Services is also and bonded. Your protection is our top priority.

No! You can cancel our relationship at any time. You will only have to sign our non-solicitation agreement and on-time payment commitment when you hire us.

Not at all. Most of our clients give us a key or garage code. Our Professional Cleaners are fully trained before they ever see your home. Your security is our top priority!

You get to pick your day and time. We clean Monday through Friday between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.; You choose the date and time. Once your date and time is set, your cleaning will be scheduled for following visits on the day and time you specify. Our clients get consistent and superior service at times that work for them!

We can scheduled as often as you need. Typically clients choose Bi-weekly service (once every 2 weeks), however we can come weekly, twice a week, every three weeks, monthly (once every 4 weeks), and even quarterly (once every 3 months).

Just tell us what day works best for you. Give our office staff a week or more notice and we can change your day.

Please give us 24 business hours notice before your cleaning is scheduled and we will promptly reschedule or cancel your service.

he most convenient way for you is if you provide a house key or garage code so we can start cleaning as soon as we arrive. You always have the option to let us in when we arrive.

We accept Cash, Check, and all major credit cards (including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).

Payment is due once services are rendered. You can leave a check on the counter or we can charge your credit card the day of cleaning.

Tipping from 5% to 15% of the service price is always appreciated and never required.

Robbins Cleaning Services knows you value your time, and so do we. We want to make each visit as efficient as possible, so we work in teams of two. Occasionally there will be a team of 3 (one manager, and new employee) while a manager reviews the work of a recently trained employee. In most cases it will be the same Professional Cleaners each week.

No, we just look like one on the outside because we are just as professional. However, we have the freedom to provide you with a more customized cleaning service and our prices are usually slightly lower than the franchises.

All of our Professional Cleaners are employed by Robbins Cleaning Services.

Absolutely! We do thorough checks on everyone that works for us. Our hiring process is extensive and includes background checks, chemical substance checks, referral checks, and extensive training before anyone sees your home.

This is one of the most popular questions we receive. We go to great lengths to make sure you can communicate with your maid. Our Professional Cleaners must be able to read and speak English because we offer a customized house cleaning for our clients.

We conduct criminal background checks on every prospective employee, we verify job history, and conduct employment verifications. We rank your safety and security at the top of our business priorities.

Robbins Cleaning Services provides all cleaning materials & equipment. We will gladly use equipment supplied by the cusotmer at their request.

Please do not clean, that is what we are for. Do pick up clothing, books, toys, or clutter. Plan on keeping children and pets in areas we will not be cleaning. Place coasters or felt under heavy or sharp furniture legs to prevent damage to wood or other floor surfaces.

We call these risky items. Risky items include anything wobbly, tipsy, or unusually fragile; or that could cause injury or be difficult or impossible to replace if broken. Examples: fragile figurines, glassware, top-heavy vases, or booby-traps such as mirrors or pictures that are not hung securely. Remove risky items to areas we will not be cleaning.

When we are at fault, then our insurance policy guides what happens next: repair, replace, or reimbursement. For breakage, you must save the broken item for inspection. Our liability is up to $100 per item. Breakage values over $25 must be verified before being replaced or reimbursed. Any item you feel is irreplaceable should be moved to an area where we will not be cleaning.

We only dust mini-blinds. This is because we have found they are too fragile to hand wipe. Often mini-blinds will snap, crumble, or bend when we try to clean them. If your mini blinds have bad buildup, we suggest replacing them at your local store.

We are not a franchise, we can customize anything you need. Just call the day before to make your special requests and we will quote you a price for the additional services.

We love them, and we treat them like our own. Just let us know of any special instructions for your dog, cat, bird, or iguana.

If you do smoke and only do so outside of the home, we would love to clean your home, however we do not have any team members that can clean inside of a smoking home.

Many of our clients schedule a Deep Cleaning annually to maintain those out-of-reach places that are not a part of the normal, maintenance routine. It will be less expensive than the first time Deluxe cleaning because the rest of the house is already at maintenance level!

In rare instances where we have to move your cleaning day, such as holidays, we will give you at least 24 business hours notice. The only exception to the above situation is if the weather becomes too hazardous for your cleaning tech. Our snow policy is: If the school district in your area closes then we will call to reschedule your cleaning day.

Holidays that we are closed are:  Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years day.  Of course any holiday that lands on Saturday or Sunday (such as Easter) we are closed anyway.

Yes! Your next cleaning will be free when your referral becomes a regular client!

Request A Free Quote

Every customer’s needs are different, and we respect that. That’s why we offer a free online quote, to provide you with a cost estimate that’s based on your specific requirements and ideal cleaning schedule. There’s no obligation, and no cost – it just takes a moment of your time to provide some details about the services you need.